• State Farm Indemnity Company
  • Federal Pacific Electric Company
  • Kocks Crane & Marine Company
  • PRECOR, Inc./Premark
  • Royal & Sun Alliance
  • Mission Insurance Company
  • Tupperware Worldwide
  • Reliance Electric Company 
  • Bremer Vulkan AG
  • Windsor Group
  • Petsmart Inc.
  • Ohio Casualty Group
  • Move-Pak Insurance Brokers
  • State Farm Fire and Casualty Company

Many of our clients are large insurance companies and national companies. We have learned over the years that each client has very specific needs regarding file handling and reporting. Our job is not only to meet those individual needs, but exceed them. We expect our staff to respond promptly to client requestes and communicate with them frequently to keep them updated as to the status of the case.

There is no substitute for thorough preparation in order to achieve the most beneficial result for a client. We do that, in part, by looking at a case from every angle to make sure that we are providing the best possible defense. Also, knowing the nuances of the law which flow from the litigation allows us to provide knowledgable, thoughtful advice to clients.

We've been successful in fostering client loyalty by being very loyal to them. We truly view our relationship with a client as being part of the same team. We pride ourselves in hiring attorneys and support staff who share our firm's commitment to doing the best possible job for our clients.